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Project Manager | Design

Kristi Rodgerson


Introducing Kristi, a distinguished professional with over a decade of expertise in the development and design of both single and multi-housing residential projects. Serving as the orchestrator behind the scenes, Kristi possesses a wealth of experience that spans the entire spectrum of the creative process, from project conception to realization.

In her capacity as a design manager, Kristi has honed her skills to meticulously manage the intricate details of projects, ensuring that each aspect aligns seamlessly with the overall vision. Her profound understanding of design intricacies allows her to navigate the complexities of the creative journey, offering invaluable insights and contributing to the success of every endeavor.

Kristi's proficiency extends beyond creative input; she is a strategic force in project execution. Through adept planning, meticulous scheduling, budgetary acumen, and effective communication with clients, contractors, and suppliers, Kristi ensures the flawless implementation of design projects. Her dedication to precision and her ability to navigate the various facets of project management showcase her as an indispensable asset to our team.

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