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Since our founding in 2020, we have focused on Always Building Better. Helu Capital is made up of three, distinct entities: Helu Capital, Helu Residential, and Helu Development. Each entity works in sync to ensure we achieve our goals and accomplish our mission.

Investment Management

Multifamily Development

Our experience includes the development of 6,000+ multi-family units across the United States. From repurposing and entitlements, all the way through to project completion, our development team gets the job done while delivering top-of-the-line assets.  

About Acq

Multifamily Acquisition

Over the past two years, the Helu team has acquired 1,000+ multi-family units in Texas and Idaho. We are excited to continue to grow our portfolio to new heights in the coming years. 

Property Management

Our experience includes the management of 30,000+ multi-family units across the United States. We believe in giving each community we own and/or manage the attention needed to improve the quality of life for its residents and the surrounding community. 

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About PM
About IM
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Investment Management

Our portfolio of experience is valued at over one billion dollars. Our Helu Capital team leverages innovative software solutions for tracking and reporting investments to our investors, partners, lenders, and more. 

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