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Asset Manager

Brandon Bassett


Brandon Bassett is a dedicated asset manager at our multi-family real estate company, Helu, where he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the performance and success of our properties. With a background in mechanical engineering and experience at a prominent MEP design engineering firm, Brandon brings a unique perspective and a wealth of expertise to his position.

Brandon's responsibilities encompass lendor reporting, loan compliance, insurance management, and overseeing property performance to meet lender requirements and economic occupancy goals. His commitment to continuous improvement and innovative solutions sets him apart, as he consistently seeks ways to enhance property performance, save costs, and increase revenue.

Notable accomplishments include integrating loan details for AI services, conducting cash flow analysis, and implementing strategies to revitalize struggling properties. Brandon's core values of communication, hard work, and innovation drive his approach to teamwork and organizational success, aligning seamlessly with Helu's values and goals.

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys reading, outdoor activities like biking and running, and spending time with friends and family. Motivated by his desire to contribute to a growing company and deliver strong returns for investors, Brandon's drive for excellence and constant pursuit of growth make him a valuable asset to our team at Helu.

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